Monday, December 7, 2009

Remember Pearl Harbor

December 7th, Americans MIGHT remember the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. On a Sunday morning, 68 years ago, the US Navy were the recipients of a well-planned and poorly executed raid.

Twenty Five Hundred deaths that day, and uncountable more in the resulting war.

I am very proud to say that My father fought in the Pacific Arena of WWII.


  1. Joe, Thanks for dropping by my blog and for remembering Pearl Harbor.

    Thank God for Patriots like your father and so many others who valiantly served our Nation in fighting tyranny,we desperately need that spirit right now against tyranny on our own soil.

  2. Thanks for remembering Pearl Harbor. God Bless your father for being a patriot who served our country defending our nation against the threat of tyranny.

    God Bless all our troops who served the past and who are currently serving today.

    Want to exchange follows and links?

  3. I just hope future generation can understand the importance of what that generation did for us.