Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I’m big enough to admit when I’m wrong.

Yes, I am big enough to admit when I’m wrong. So this time I'm going to side with Dirty Harry.
Had Dirty Harry Reid been a Republican that said what he did then he would be drawn and quartered. Look at Trent Lott he just took up for Strom Thurmond and had to quit. But Obama needs Reid so he was quick to forgive Reid , you can bet your axx that Obama will get what he wants now cause we all know payback is a big thing with Reid so heck Reid will be washing Obama's car if he ask him too . Can we say double standard. Hard to believe he would that about one of his own . Now i want you Democrats to spin this to suit you hahahahha I love it when a plan comes together.
But here's where I'm going to shock you. This time I have to agree with Dirty Harry... As for saying Obama is “light-skinned” with no “negro dialect?” So what? He spoke the truth. Political correctness is for LIARS. I suppose this is a painful reminder to the world that the majority of blacks are undereducated and many, including Obama, including the highly intelligent and well-read, prefer to speak in a vernacular of street slang and broken English when they are in each other’s company.
These democrats are unbelievable hypocrites. First they demonize the Republicans to blacks, then they accuse Republicans of not having "enough" blacks in the party.

It's like stabbing someone in the back and then blaming him for blood on the carpet.
And one other thing. This call for a resignation is such a liberal move. It’s self-righteous and as dangerous as throwing bricks in a glass house. Let Reid’s constituents decide what they want to do with him in November. And let him take that retard Nancy Pelosi with him!
I'm all for throwing him out of office, but not for this reason.


  1. I do think Reid's omment were racist because of the context. But, with that being said, I believe that I want dingy Harry to stay in the Senate so we can remind the American people what a moron of a majority leader the Dems have in charge. I think this will be the nail in his coffin to make sure he won't be re-elected.

  2. PC speech codes are a form of power and control. Trent gets fragged because he's a wasist wepubwican, while Harry gets a pass because he's down with the struggle.

    Just like it's ok with radical feminists when the most powerful man in the world uses that power to gain sexual servicing from young girls.

    Liberalism is a sickness...

  3. Right Teresa, lets get rid of him, but for the right reason.

  4. Bo Snerdly took a different angle, what Dingy said actually demeaned 'darker skinned' blacks as not worthy of the presidency at least in the liberal whites point of view. Still racist but good for clarification of such bigotry.

    But I agree,he is a rotting piece of politican and Nevedans will decide his fate.

  5. Yeah, Harry is toast in Nevada, let him stink up the Democratic leadership for another 10 months, it can't hurt. Besides, if he steps down, we end up with Chuck You Schumer as majority leader.

    Pick your poison.

  6. Hey Sleuthy why don't you get a life?